Sunday, May 5, 2013


Joe D Celebrating Cinco DeMayo
 SITE MOVED TO  wheredidyougojoedimaggio1.blogspot - NOT!


NOT! ....UPDATE....Here's Why....

has temporarily been taken down - emphasis on the word temporarily (we  hope)  - because, we are told , that automated spam detectors thinks it looks like spam. (Hope it isn't Obama going after those media he doesn't like.Ha!)
We have pleaded our case that it is anything but spam and, following the restoration rules, we hope we are treated fairly and site is restored within a day or two... If not, we know that somebody or some people   don't care for the good we are doing ( which is probably not helpful to the falsity they are foisting on their 'fans') . We will sit patiently for the next day or two and give every chance for the issue (which shouldn't be) to be resolved .  There are still   a few older posts at this site and other, related blogs up but we will leave it at that for now. Thank you, in advance , for your support, in our continued efforts to flesh out the darker side, and bring back   'old school'  truth  and honesty in playing the game the way it was meant to be played.

 You can check out these older posts below and also some oldies @ until we are, hopefully , restored. Thanks again for your support.

We're wondering if Big Brother IS back. Kind of Scary...

REAL Baseball during the Golden Era - Classic San Franicsco Giants: Can you name all the players here?

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