Wednesday, May 15, 2013


   I feel sorry for the Oakland As when they play the San Francisco Giants. Notice how Scutaro, Sandoval and some of the others suddenly raised their averages significantly, cut down on strikeouts, magically,  when Melky came around last year? Well, it's been going on a long time - like over 10 years since Bonds, and only in a city like San Francisco can they get away with it. Management not only turns a blind eye but even looks for tainted players like Jose Guillen or Mota that other teams don't want.Even they the Giants lose a Cabrera or Brian Wilson it doesn't matter because they go to Venezuela or the Dominican and pick up another guy who's not afraid to, well... you know. I hate to be say it, but we're about the only watchdog in town. Nobody else here seems to care. 

       We're old school and it's a joke to see the players 'load up' when they want to and ease off when they think they'd better. With the new designer PEDs they can virtually go on or off and the stuff's working or not working and undetectable within hours of not taking it. (We've got a lot of articles in store, including explaining exactly how the drugs work - and just how easy it is today to take the undetectable PEDs - only still undetectable because MLB has n't  brought in the latest 'detectable' tests .   It takes a Victor Conte of Balco Fame to blow the whistle and explain things these days - and nobody still seems to care - in San Francisco.Plus, there aren' t all the side effects anymore, like gaining mass like Bonds. I could go on... but , basically, the only thing to do to beat the Giants now, as long as they're using, is to use yourselves - which I don't condone.  

      When the Giants are down they'll just go to their bench and bring in someone like a Blanco who'll get a key pinch hit and later bring in a reliever like Mijares , who's  suddenly gained velocity and  will shut you down. It's hard to beat that stuff. Meanwhile, you've got a team led by the Venezuelans Scutaro and Sandoval , alaong with Mijares , Blanco and others, who almost always keep the ball in play, rarely striking out.  

       That's baseball for you in the 2000s in San Francisco , anyway. Sure wish it would change. We've put down a lot of science that explains everything that no sportwriters here would even bring up.  In fact, they just closed down our main blog site, , but we're going through all the channels, to ,  hopefully get it restored. Otherwise we've got a couple other sites like like and , which have a fraction of what they took down. It's pretty sad what's going on is all I can say. We know people out their - even some of the SF writers - know what's going on but just don't say anything. For the Giants' it's win at any cost, even to the point of lying about being sold out everygame, turning up the PA when they're at bat. etc... 
We don't like it - and I used to be a Giants fan... Thanks for hearing us out and good luck Rockies. Maybe you'll beat the Giants a game or two yet... 

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