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- and against the hated Dodgers No. 1 Rival no less!

The San Francisco Giants are trying to bounce back into the World Series.
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Baseball season is back.  The big news this season will be   the instant replay that will finally make it into this last bastion of major league sports  after being a big part of football for many years .  Teams awill be  given one option per game to challenge   umpire  calls.  If they get the call reversed in a team's favor, they are allowed a second such challenge.

The 'bad news' for baseball purists is that there was no tightening of baseball's PED testing
for the new season.  As last year, testing is given as little as one time during a season.
With designer drugs' ability to leave the system quickly and no new advanced tests,
players using such PEDs  will likely continue to skate free and rack up big numbers -
while pulling down escalating salaries.(*The day after this writing MLB did make changes
to baseball drug testing and penalties for convictions, however, from our understanding
these new modifications don't amount to a hill of beans.See updated blog, above

To the best of our knowledge no players were suspended from MLB last season,
after five were suspended the prior season including two San Francisco Giants
Commissioner's office will point to this as evidence that baseball has cleaned up,
but, in fact, nothing in the drug testing has changed  - and we know from the prior
year when the few players WERE caught by simply being stupid and not following
'the plan.' Former steroid lord Victor Conte calls those players ' dumb and dumber
for not getting away with such a beatable test.  The Biogenesis fiasco in Miami was not
a matter of players being caught by drug testing but the commissioner's office paying off
a disgruntled employee of  Tony Bosch  - thereby getting Bosch to name names.
There were some 20 players there who passed baseball's tests in 2012 so we imagine at
probably a lot more around the country who continue to use. Just look at the world series
teams the last three years and you will note aberrations  in players numbers - eg older players
suddenly raising numbers  after down years. We can name names but we won't at this time.
We've been over this many times in these pages.

Much like the world at large, living in an unreal universe of genetically modified food and
supplents we put into our bodies ,  we approach a time when our lives will be fully artificially run by comp uters-robots-drones.Why should people care about some drugs in the system.  Performs lip synch to computer-refined vocal tracks. Why not ball players get a little help, too? 

Players are now signing 10 year contracts into their 30s for tens of millions of dollars. Take the most
recent one, Miguel Cabrera of Detroit, signing for just under $300 million for 10 years.
He'll be 42 at the end of that contract and likely in a figurehead position at that point just to fill
out his contract , long after the body gave out. But, who's to say that  a little 'help' might keep a
player going a  few extra years. It worked for Barry Bonds, who played to age 42 with some of
his best years at the end. That's why the players take the drugs - to extend their playing day (with
greater performance) .  Perhaps MLB  is all too aware of this and thereby teams are willing
 to sign players to longer contracts knowing the 'effectiveness'  of such PEDs in not only
improving player performances but extending careers. (But then, there are those players who
suddenly break down as we've seen this season with the Giants and other teams...  Not to say it's cause and effect,

'NO NAME'  A's May Be Stronger Than Higher-Salaried Giants

No longer does money necessarily buy success. Witness last year's Yankees not finishing the playoffs- or the Dodgers for that matter, getting cut down two rungs below the finals, Then
you have a low-salaried team like Oakland, finally playing up to it's 'Money Ball'
reputation, nearly going all the way while their cross-Bay rivals, the San Francisco Giants-
it's team salary $100 million higher than the A's - not even making the playoffs. Perhaps
Giant 'strategy' of over-paying and  keeping players too long is taking it's toll now, as well
as, perhaps , the affects of aging and so-called- magic coming off the bloom.

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