Thursday, October 10, 2013


GRAY TO PITCH MAY BE THE RIGHT DECISION for A's!  After more research on our part - and the A's 'smart' folks 'upstairs' it looks like their decision to Start young Sonny Gray Is probably correct. Off the several factors 1) Gray's last excellent start under similar conditions 2) Colon's poor track record against Detroit including last outing troublesome first inning, 3) Gray's seeming unflappability. Detroit is one of the few teams Colon has not fared well against - and we missed that. So, go A's for the good research. With no more questionable homeruns, perhaps the A's will be allowed to stay on course with good judgement and get the win and playoff series today! GO A'S Meanwhile for MORE A's and A'S STORE and   review and analysis of the homrerun (it should not have counted three ways)  

We're still concerned about probably managerial mistakes, however, these could have perhaps resulted from quick turnaround after controversial homerun and upset and pressures to make quick decisions:
1) Not hitting Gaiaspo (fifth lowest strikeouts in the league) for Reddick (proliffic stikeouts)  or Vogt with runners on second and third and no outs in the seventh inning
2) bringing in Brett Anderson, not a true reliever and untested of late to pitch the sixth inning. Blevins would have been a better bet

Melvin believes in 'lefty-right' matchups only when it comes to hitting but perhaps he should rethink this , on occassion, as well as with pitchers - io the opposite direction. But again, much of Tuesday's game downfall may have been the result of momentum shift and sudden pressure following the controversial homerun (which should not have been called a homerun -see elsewhere

After the A's took the three run lead you could literally feel the wind go out of the sail of the Detroit ship with four innings left to go. The A's were sailing along. Straly had given up only 1 hit. But that's the time one must not take anything for granted, about the time starters can get tired in the fifth or sixth inning... Hopefully the A;s and management will be on top of their game tonight

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